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Your Choice Of Funeral

We will assist you in choosing from a wide variety of caskets, urns, vaults and monuments.  In all of your decisions, F.W. NEWTON SERVICES will provide as much assistance as needed to insure your total and complete satisfaction.

Our Services

Our aim is to provide our families with a variety of options. These options may include:


Traditional Funeral Service
Direct Cremation
Immediate Burial
Memorial Services
Pre-Arrangement Planning
Insurance Programs
Veterans Social Security Benefits
Death Certificates
Floral Services

We plan for our children's education, our retirement, and even our vacations. We even plan for unexpected possibilities with products like disability insurance. Yet one third of us don't plan for our funerals. It's an inevitable event that will cause disruption, sorrow and possibly unanticipated expenses for those we leave behind. There are many good reasons to preplan your funeral—the most important might be that you are gifting your family with the lasting peace of knowing they have acted in accordance with your wishes.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
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